New name, upgraded team - same passion!  

The name you are given will not necessarily continue to reflect who you are. Sometimes time matures you, and other times you need to see yourself from the outside, to find out that you can do a little more, or are a little more. It was already back in late January, or early February, [...]

Now let's look at the Tour de France in Denmark from a holistic perspective

When the Danish roads become the subject of a major international sporting event, a lot of questions naturally follow. In the pre-event phase there are questions about 'feasibility', which in this context translates into 'is it worthwhile?' to hold this event on Danish soil. We'll know more about that after a few months, [...]

Sticky thoughts: when thoughts get stuck

"Sticky thoughts. The two words hang in the air for a long time and hit me like a revelation. My psychiatrist smilingly and inquiringly tries to catch my eye. "Does the concept make sense to you, Rune?" she asks. "Hell, yes," I say. They don't just make sense to me. They are more apt than she might think. The words [...]

Chelsea FC marks role of sport as extra pressure ball against Russia

The aggressive Russian invasion of Ukraine has unfortunately brought new and sad scenes of war to European soil. This is obviously causing fear and horror among the Ukrainian people, and is leading people to war, with the danger that this entails for soldiers and civilians who have not wanted to press the war button. Chaotic and complex conditions find, as [...]

The big impressions are often found in the small moments

We had packed our bags, put on our national costumes and were ready at the airport. Excited, expectant and a little overwhelmed that it was actually a reality for us to be right where we were. On the little piece of paper I had in my hand, it said Brazil. For the flight, the country was the final destination, but for us [...]

NFL, Super Bowl and rebranding for sustainability

Super Bowl LVI will be played on Sunday 13 February at 3.30pm local time at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. This sporting mega-event marks almost a national holiday and underlines what it means when a sports brand unfolds as a cultural icon with enormous commercial power manifested in various demand determinants. The position of cultural icon should [...]