Now let's look at the Tour de France in Denmark from a holistic perspective

When the Danish roads become the subject of a major international sporting event, a lot of questions naturally follow. In the pre-event phase there are questions about 'feasibility', which in this context translates into 'is it worthwhile?' to hold this event on Danish soil. We'll know more about that after a few months, [...]

Chelsea FC marks role of sport as extra pressure ball against Russia

The aggressive Russian invasion of Ukraine has unfortunately brought new and sad scenes of war to European soil. This is obviously causing fear and horror among the Ukrainian people, and is leading people to war, with the danger that this entails for soldiers and civilians who have not wanted to press the war button. Chaotic and complex conditions find, as [...]

NFL, Super Bowl and rebranding for sustainability

Super Bowl LVI will be played on Sunday 13 February at 3.30pm local time at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. This sporting mega-event marks almost a national holiday and underlines what it means when a sports brand unfolds as a cultural icon with enormous commercial power manifested in various demand determinants. The position of cultural icon should [...]

A good culture ensures club and team success

Janne R. Mortensen is an expert in sports psychology and talent development and founder of the consultancy Mental Motion. In this post you can read about creating "the good culture" and translating value words into concrete actions - both at club and team level. It's about shared understandings, participation and we-actions.

Sleeping pills may exempt athletes from dealing with the problem

Research in recent years has shown that athletes have a high prevalence of people with poor sleep quality. Being helped to sleep better during a period when your body needs extra immune resources is not necessarily bad. But according to sleep and recuperation specialist Anna West, in many cases sleep medication is a quick-fix solution that can absolve the athlete from dealing with the issues that are actually causing the athlete to sleep poorly. Anna West also sees great diversity across sports in terms of clubs' distribution of sleep medication and willingness to create long-term, sustainable solutions for athletes.

The WTA is a modern expression of the combination of politicisation and commercialisation in professional sport

The evolution of professional sport demonstrates a growing trend towards stakeholders having more power to set an influential discourse aimed at increasing the application of sound principles of governance and commercialisation, inspired by concepts such as transparency, good governance and good corporate citizenship, CSR and sustainability. From athletes and brands with a corporate focus to increased [...]

In the fight for gender equality in the labour market, sport can be decisive

Can sport help create more equality in the Danish labour market?
Denmark is well down the world rankings when it comes to gender equality. To achieve more gender equality in management or board positions in Danish business, team sports could be part of the solution, according to a new thesis. The paper concludes that women in Danish elite team sports develop some of the skills that can later benefit them in a leadership role in business. In this article, you'll meet two of them.

Are 'organisational hybrids' the new megatrend in sport?

In the many recent presentations I have given, I have included a slide with propositions (theses) on four general trends in the field of sport concerning organisation, facilities, target groups and activities: organisation: from fragmented forms of organisation to organisational hybrids facilities: from sports halls, special facilities and staging to a focus on interaction between indoors and outdoors and fluid boundaries target groups: from children and [...]

Focus on these 3 things when evaluating your talent development

When it comes to working with talent development - whether in sport, business or the public sector - there is a huge challenge in evaluating what is being done. Talent and talent development is about unlocking potential for the future, so it's important to look at [...]

When the body says stop

For professional athletes who live fully from and for sport, the body forms the basis of the active career. But what happens the day the body says stop? When injury, illness or wear and tear take their toll on the most important tool of the trade. When sport no longer fills everyday life and when sporting achievement no longer helps to define personal success.