#S1E6 - Troels Bech

Hammers Hule
Edited by: Frederik Zeuner & Matilde Brixen

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#S1E6 - Troels Bech

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Today's guest in Hammers Hule is 55-year-old Troels Bech. The man with the large vocabulary and the sometimes cryptic rhetoric barely reached 200 matches for Silkeborg IF before he went the coaching way. Troels Bech is a private couple with Nille Bech - together they have eight children. Troels himself chose to leave the world of football, take a year off his calendar and travel the world with his whole family. Join us inside the cave for a chat about why Troels Bech felt the need to retire from the world of football, and at the same time hear how much of what Troels has done in football is born of him, and how much he is born of football.

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