#S2E4 - Tour Special - Hannah Grant

Hammers Hule
Edited by: Matilde Brixen

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#S2E4 - Tour Special - Hannah Grant

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Today's guest in Hammer's Cave is no elite athlete. Yet Hannah Grant knows better than many what makes for peak performance. She's a chef and has worked for some of the world's biggest cycling teams. Here, Hannah was responsible for ensuring that riders had enough energy in the tank to tackle the toughest out-of-category mountains and cross the finish line first. Come inside the cave to hear Hannah and Jasper talk about why working as a chef for a cycling team during the Tour de France is so turbulent. At the same time, hear how Hannah still helps people perform at their best with the help of supplements. You won't be spoiled for some fun anecdotes about the famous food truck that became the social hub of the Tour de France either.

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