#S2 - BONUS - Kenneth Cortsen

Hammers Hule
Edited by: Matilde Brixen

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#S2 - BONUS - Kenneth Cortsen

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Today's guest in Hammers Hule is Kenneth Cortsen, Ph.D. Ass. professor and researcher in the intersection of sports economics, branding and management. Kenneth is co-founder of the professional bachelor program at UCN, Sports Management, and published a book of the same name in 2021. Kenneth also uses his research in sports in practice, and most recently he has been the coach of AaB's best women's team. A football team that in Kenneth Cortsen's time has moved from the Women's Series to the Women's League. Come inside the cave and get an insight into how Kenneth's coaching career can be both an advantage and a disadvantage for his research, while also learning more about the education system for athletes - both here and abroad.

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