#S2E4 - Frederik Schmidt

Hammers Hule
Edited by: Matilde Brixen

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#S2E4 - Frederik Schmidt

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Today's guest in Hammers Hule is the 29-year-old Frederik Gelstoft Schmidt, who is currently communications consultant and press officer for the national teams of the Danish Handball Federation (DHF). At the age of just 27, Frederik got his dream job as press officer in the DHF, but after two years he has decided to quit his position. Some important points at home have pulled at him, and Frederik has reassessed his situation and resigned. Come into the cave and hear some interesting anecdotes from the national handball tournament and the finals. At the same time, get an insight into what it really means to be a press officer in one of the country's biggest specialist associations, and hear why Frederik is now saying goodbye to his dream job.

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