#S3E6 - Morten Petz

Hammers Hule
Edited by: Matilde Brixen

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#S3E6 - Morten Petz

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Today's guest in Hammers Hule is F.C. Copenhagen's Head of Football Data and Technology, Morten Raffnsøe Petz. As a data expert, Morten is a key player at the Danish powerhouse, as FCK has a strategic goal to use data to support sporting development. Morten's keen eye for technology and data will therefore help optimise player performance, coaching staff tactical moves and management decision-making. Come inside and hear what a data expert can do for a football club, both in the short and long term. At the same time, Morten lets you into the machine room and explains how he makes context and data easy to understand. You can also hear Morten talk about what he develops on a daily basis, and how you actually get to work at the intersection of sports and data.

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